Morrison’s Most Recent Freudian Slip Went Viral In China Bc Beefing With France Wasn’t Enough

Scott Morrison china Freudian slip

Either our government has a humiliation kink, or Prime Minister Scott Morrison is just actually as much of an incompetent mess as we perceive him to be, because the man has gone and done it again with another embarrassing muck-up at the COP26 summit — this time dragging China into our drama. At least it’s not France?

In a Freudian slip during a speech at the UN climate summit on Tuesday, Scott Morrison mixed up ‘China’ and ‘climate change’ with so much gusto that my spine quivered from cringe.

“Global momentum to tackle China – climate change is building,” he said, barreling through the sentence as if he could get out of this on confidence alone.

I know this sounds like satire, but you can watch him say it yourself below:

Since the speech earlier this week, Scott Morrison has gone viral in China for all the wrong reasons.

The hashtag “Australian Prime Minister Misrepresents Tackling Climate Change As Tackling China” has been viewed more than 130 million times on Weibo, reports, with one user saying that the comment wasn’t just a slip-up but Morrison “speaking his mind”.

It even made headlines in China, where an opinion piece for via said: “He doesn‘t have a passion to protect the environment but does have anti-China passion under the name of protecting (the) environment”.

“This episode is the actual reflection of his mind”.

This isn’t the first time the PM has had awkward relations with other countries during climate summits.

At GOP26, French president Emmanuel Macron told Australian reporters that he knows Scott Morrison lied to him regarding the botched submarine deal. And then, because Morrison is incredibly mature, text messages from the PM’s office that apparently prove Morrison’s point were ~mysteriously~ leaked.

And of course, who could forget perhaps his most memorable Freudian slip — accidentally calling Greg Hunt “Minister Cunt”.

Honestly, for someone who is tasked with running an actual whole country, all I’m getting from Morrison is messy binch energy. And not the endearing kind.