Scott Ludlam Torched Pauline Hanson During A Fiery Senate Estimates Hearing

No one likes having to stay at work well past knock-off time. On the odd occasion that work has to be extended into the night hours, literally everyone knows that the right way to go about things is to get your work done with as little fuss as possible so everyone can scamper away at the soonest possible moment. You don’t stuff about and cause needless delay through being a dickhead.

For those of you who weren’t keenly following along/aren’t giant political nerds, you missed one hell of a Senate Estimates hearing last night.
The hearing, which stretched on until about 11pm, featured a parade of conservative and very vocal politicians lining up to take swings at both the ABC and the SBS for, essentially, not agreeing with every little thing they say and offering endless praise in the process.
Eric Abetz launched an unworldly diatribe that took umbrage with Yassmin Abdul-Magied‘s apparently nationally-concerning 7-word ANZAC Day Facebook status that was posted a calendar month ago, which then rolled into a freedom of information request to the head of SBS over his own personal support of same-sex marriage.
Malcolm Roberts used his time to question the ABC about a complaint he personally made in 2010 – prior to him actually becoming a senator – about ‘Stateline‘ of all bloody things, which included him using the actual real-life sentence “on whose science does your organisation rely?” before asking Aunty what a climate change denier was.
And then it was Pauline Hanson‘s turn to take a swing.
At that stage, Greens senator Scott Ludlam had had e-bloody-nough.
Hanson aimed a spite-laden question at the national broadcaster, demanding to know why ‘Four Corners‘ and ‘The 7:30 Report‘ “targeted” One Nation in an investigative report that exposed the back-room politicking, dictatorial-like leadership, and borderline illegal monetisation that is plaguing the party. Or, to put it in other words, Hanson was demanding to know why ‘Four Corners‘ did their job correctly.
Ludlam, exasperated, cracked it.

Because it looked like you’d broken the law.”


Though admonished by the panel, Ludlam then began a non-verbal resistance to Hanson’s inane questioning by contorting his face into a paint palate of “fuck this” facial expressions.

That one second from the bottom on the left, oh man.

It might’ve been giving him historic tension headaches, but it’s certainly giving us life.
Source: Twitter.