With the exception of a few deeply strange people like Bob Katter and Fraser Anning, most people in Australia tend to adopt a veneer of respectability when they enter into politics. Their public lives are mild and inoffensive, their language is censored, and their insults generally sit at about the level that you could say in high school near a teacher without getting in to too much trouble.

It might be manufactured, it might be insincere, but that thin layer of politeness tends to hold people at bay. Not so much when they finish up. This can go one of two ways. The first way is the bad one, where you end up like spiritually diseased wererat Mark Latham and just go completely off the rails.

The second case is the good one, where you continue to hold on to your values and your principles get to express them in the same frustrated and exasperated way that any normal person would. Case in point: Scott Ludlam.

Ludlam, if you might recall, stepped down after becoming one of the many, many victims of the vicious beast known as Section 44 of the Australian constitution, but has stayed engaged in Australian politics, largely through the beautiful art of shitposing.

While everyone else is out there making weak quips about Scott Morrison’s dumbass hat collection, Ludlam is doing this:


Image: Twitter