Scott Ludlam Plays The NewsCorp Card Over Peter Dutton’s “Jihad” Fairfax Claims

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam conducts his biz in just about the same way we think we would if were in Parliament – do the actual work of being a publicly elected official, and then occasionally take time out to have a few laughs at the conduct of the other buffoons on the internet.

And today’s pearl of wisdom that came from Immigration Minister Peter Dutton just about takes the cake.
Dutton had a good old fashioned whinge at Fairfax and the ABC this morning, who – according to him – are trying to “bring the Government down,” and are conducting “a bit of a Jihad” against the Abbott Government at present.
The multi-layered irony of that statement is certainly not lost on anyone, but it bears being pointed out anyway.
It just so happened to be Senator Ludlam who was at bat when that particular soft ball was lobbed.

is everyone enjoying peter dutton’s helpless mewling about media bias i know i am

Posted by Senator Scott Ludlam on Monday, 31 August 2015

‘Course if you want to go full circle on the issue, when Julia Gillard and co were howling about mistreatment by the media via NewsCorp back in 2013, then-Opposition Leader Tony Abbott had some choice advice for the embattled Labor Government.

“Fundamentally, if you want good coverage, you have got to perform well.” “If you want better coverage, be a better government.”

For once, we agree with Abbott. Wholeheartedly.

Photo: Stefan Postles via Getty Images.