ScoMo Reckons It’s Probably Your Fault If Australia’s Economy Goes Belly Up

Our fearless Treasurer Scott Morrison gave an address at a Bloomberg conference in Sydney about Australia‘s economic future, and you’ll be thoroughly surprised to learn that he has diagnosed the cause of our impending ruin. It may shock you to learn that the true villains are, as always, entitled millennials slurping greedily at the public teat:

A generation has grown up in an environment where receiving payments from the Government is not seen as the reserve of the disadvantaged, but a common and expected component of their income over their entire life cycle, and not inconsistent with self-reliance. On current settings, more Australians today are likely to go through their entire lives without ever paying tax than for generations and more Australians are likely today to be net beneficiaries of the Government than contributors — never paying more tax than they receive in government payments.

Millennials! When they’re not spending their real estate fund on almond milk lattes and squandering their short, sex-filled lives posting on Instagram, they’re stealing nickels and dimes directly from the taxpayer’s pocket.

“There is a new divide — the taxed and the taxed-nots,” says Morrison, absolutely not referring to the 30 percent of corporations who the ATO say pay zero tax, but instead to your mate Dan who lives on the meagre stipend provided by Youth Allowance while inhaling kilograms of mould in his shitty cramped apartment for which he pays $300 a week in rent. For fuck’s sake, Dan – do better.
Morrison claims that young people don’t know what it’s like to live through a recession. Because being comprehensively locked out of the housing market, saddled with debt and facing a future of deepening income inequality is – compared to the horror of the early 90s recession, obviously – sunshine and daisies. 
Look, ScoMo and his razor gang want to slash welfare and social spending, while also keeping tax minimal. That’s what they do, and that’s generally what their Lib constituents want. Australia is a pretty low-taxing nation by OECD standards and revenue has been falling for a long time, so it’s really not just a case of entitled millennials absorbing taxpayer funds for the criminally selfish reasons of ‘staying alive’ and ‘eating food’.
Keep on truckin’, Scotty.
Source: ABC.
Photo: Getty Images.