Science Yet Again Decrees Climate Change Denying A Silly Pursuit

Because this is apparently something that some people feel, for whatever reason, is an opinion-based argument and not the presentation and acceptance of fact like it should be. Yet more scientific research conducted by smart people who have been meticulously studying the field for many, many years has emerged concluding that Climate Change is absolutely real and for the love of god just stop trying to deny it because you look like a flog.

The CSIRO – an agency who receives funding from a Government currently in the midst of actively repealing preventative legislation – has released a new set of findings that shoots down one of the few remaining bastions of ignorance posed by Climate Change deniers: That the surface temperatures of the Earth have not warmed over the past 17 years. Their conclusion? It bloody well has.
The findings revolve around the claim that climate prediction models are generally unreliable. Aside from the fact that 2005 and 2010 were equally the hottest years on record, the findings conclude that far from overestimating the effects of Climate Change, current prediction models actually do a particularly good job of interpreting and predicting recent and past trends, and even take into account natural variability.
See, the Pacific Ocean rotates in cycles of around 30 or so years, during which it alternates between more frequent periods of El Nino – during which the ocean gives heat back to the atmosphere – and periods of La Nina – where the ocean is more or less a giant heat sponge, which equates to generally cooler surface temperatures.
Senior CSIRO researcher James Risbey explains the findings thusly, “You’re always going to get periods when the warming slows down or speeds up… because we have these strong natural cycles.” “The climate is simply variable on short time scales but that variability is superimposed on an unmistakable long-term warming trend.
Sceptics have been relying on the naturally cooler cycle to keep their poisonous machine of doubt ticking over, but the fact that we’re in La Nina and still breaking all-time heat records is what those in the science biz like to call a “solid, no bones about it, shut the front door, Stone Cold fact.
Or more bluntly: “Holy shit Climate Change is real and it’s happening right now and arguing against it is just wasting valuable time and resources so just stop it, ok? Stop it. You’re making us all very frustrated. Stop.
The CSIRO, by the way, had its funding eviscerated by the latest Federal Budget too, so there goes that part of any counter-argument too.
The bottom line here is that I’m a very pale dude and I don’t particularly want to have to break out the SPF50 in the middle of July during my lifetime if that’s ok with y’all? Cool? Great. Thanks.
Photo: Rufus Cox via Getty Images.