Schoolies Brawl Results In 26 Arrests

Twenty-six teens – that’s 26, count ’em out – were arrested overnight after a balls-to-the-wall brawl broke out on known hotbed of fisticuffs, Cavill Avenue, the main drag at Schoolies.

In an image of the fight obtained by Nine News and pictured above [via The Brisbane Times], all the traditional hallmarks of an all-in Schoolies dust up are there: no less than three, maybe four, bucket hats; cut-offs; vicious hair-pulling; a palpable sense that no one really knows what they’re doing in the fight, coupled with the ineffable joie de vivre known only to a crowd of bystanders with a skin full of piss having the time of their lives. 
Of the 26 arrested, only three were female and most were pinged with public nuisance and street offences; several were also in possession of drugs and an additional 77 liquor infringement notices were issued overnight. Twenty-seven Toolies were also arrested on some 32 charges also in relation to drugs and public order offences.
That brings our total number of Schoolies related arrests to 45 in one weekend. 
Two nights down; twelve to go.
via the stellar Queensland Police Service