Schapelle Corby, convicted drug smuggler, bona fide Instagram star, and now charity champion, is auctioning off one of the only possessions she brought back with her from Bali: her parole book. 

She’s donated the tattered piece of paperwork, which was with her for the entire three years she was living in Bali on parole, to child rescue charity Project Rescue Children

They’ve put it up on eBay for a week, and will use the money from its sale to continue their work rescuing and caring for children exploited by trafficking and prostitution in Cambodia and Kenya.

Corby has shown a strong interest in missing children cases, using the media scrum around her departure from Bali to draw attention to William Tyrrell, who vanished in 2014 aged three, and recently posting on Instagram about Hayley Dodd, who went missing in 1999 when she was just 17. 

At the time of writing, bidding on Corby’s parole book has already topped $2,000 – and it’s got another six days to go. 

Schapelle Corby’s Legitimately Auctioning Off Her Parole Book On eBay

Onya Schapelle for using that notoriety for good. Saving kids is a passion project that’s pretty hard to fault. 


Image: Instagram / @schapelle.corby