Schapelle Corby Has Started An Insta Account Hours Before She’s Due Home

Schapelle Corby is due back in Australia in the early hours of tomorrow morning. She’s been notoriously reclusive during her three years living in Bali after she was freed from Kerobokan Prison on parole, avoiding reporters and mostly staying indoors. 
Now, however, on the day before her return home, she’s gone and done the most 2017 thing possible: she’s joined Instagram.

Big thank you to my Bali family, neighbours and my brother inlaw Wayan. #realtime #abouttoleavwmyhomeof3years

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The account only has four photos at the time of writing this – one of the two very cute lil dogs she’ll be leaving behind, one of her “Bali family” including brother-in-law Wayan Widartha, one of her parole papers, and a selfie with sister Mercedes.
It’s already clocked more than 45,000 followers in the few hours it’s been around, and every photo has been flooded with comments of support.

Going to miss these two. My puppies #Luna&May

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For a woman whose story has been a staple in the Australian public consciousness since 2005, who undoubtedly knows the media scrum that will be awaiting her on her return, starting an Instagram account might actually make a lot of sense. Where else, after all, can we so thoroughly curate our lives for the consumption of others?
Let’s hope it’s the start of Corby’s reclaiming her story. It’s certainly been long enough.

Source: SBS.
Image: Instagram / @schapelle.corby