Say Merry Xmas To Ya Wanderlust, Because There’s $135 Flights To Thailand Rn

Look, we don’t really need to say anything to you here, do we? Thailand is dope. Thailand is absolutely goddamn dope. 
Great food, great culture, great beaches, great temperatures. Everything is real bloody cheap and it’s just a genuinely good time. 
Look at it! It’s beautiful!

One of my favourite places. Railay Beach, Krabi credit @stefalama #railaybeach #krabi

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So, when we hear that Scoot and Tigerair have just casually decided to chop all the prices of their flights to certain parts of Asia, we are 110% bloody on board (as you soon will be also). 
Yeeeeeuuuuup, Scoot and Tigerair are offering one-way flights to Phuket for just $135, which is just shut-the-front-door insane. 
Perth are obviously the ones who benefit the most (distance is a factor here people, and Australia is ruddy enormous), but the princes from Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast are still pretty impressive. 
It’s $135 from Perth, $199 from Sydney and Melbourne and $189 from Gold Coast.
But yes, there’s a catch – the stopover. Passengers must fly to Singapore with Scoot then take a connecting flight with Tigerair to Phuket.
If Phuket doesn’t quite take your fancy, then there’s other fares in the sale: Hong Kong from $175, Cebu from $185, or Penang from $135. 
Go forth, gentle and courageous travel-loving readers. We bless thee with the knowledge of decent flight prices. 
Head to Scoot for more info, wanderlusters:
Photo: Instagram / @thailandluxe