How To Keep Sand Off Your Towel At The Beach & Avoid An Itchy Crack Forever

sand off your towel

Sand is to beachgoers what glitter is to gay men. While there’s a huge appreciation for its existence, you can’t help but resent its ability to get literally everywhere. Like, places tiny particles should never end up. If you’ve ever experienced chaffing in places you never thought possible from sand, then we’re sure you know what we’re getting at. And if you’ve experienced chafing from glitter… well… we tip our hat to you, you fierce queen.

But sand is an inevitability of hitting the beach, one that we’ve passively come to terms with over the years.

That stops now, people. No longer shall we accept such conditions as the status quo. It’s time to seas the day.

So on that note, get around this ace ~hack~ in the video below that’ll help you keep sand off your towel when hitting it/quitting it at the beach.

Mind blown? DW, ours was too.