Watch Cops Use Doritos To Lure This Very Big, Very Lost Pig Back To His House

How do you catch a pig that doesn’t want to be caught?” sounds like one of those open-ended questions that are meant to indicate that a problem is unsolvable, but the policemen of San Bernardino, California would like you to know that there is a very definite answer to the question: Doritos.

In a Facebook post, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department documented the efforts of deputies Ponce and Berg (who are named, incidentally, like a pair of bumbling constables from a Roald Dahl book) to recapture a pig “the size of a mini horse“. According to the post, the deputies already knew where the pig lived (having previously received calls about him) and used Doritos that one of the deputies brought to work for lunch to lure the big pig inside the gates of the property on which it belonged.

The sheriff’s department uploaded video of the pig-luring to their Instagram account, which seems like a frankly insane thing for a sheriff’s department to have, but it’s 2018 and here we are:

Godspeed you! Giant pig. Thank you for entering our illustrious canon of escaped animal yarns.