After seven years, Samuel Johnson has finally reached his goal of raising $10 million for his charity Love Your Sister.

Samuel co-founded the charity in 2012 with his sister Connie, who died in 2017 after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer at age 33. The siblings started the charity after Connie dared Samuel to unicycle around the country to raise as much awareness and money for breast cancer research. The Garvan Institute of Medical Research has since started The Connie Johnson Lab in honour of the late philanthropist.

“First I promised my sister then I promised all of us,” Samuel wrote on Instagram. “It took me 7 years. We came good. Thank you. $10m for cancer research banked.”

Samuel added that he felt like the proudest brother in the world.

“Thanks for showing me how to be,” he continued. “You gave me somewhere to belong. Fuck I love this village. Today I stand tall.”

You can check out a slew of Love Your Sister merch right here. There’s even a solid collection available for Father’s Day which, if you may have forgotten, is September 1. That’s this Sunday.

You can also donate to Love Your Sister, with all donations going directly to the country’s best cancer researchers, here.

On YouTube, Samuel shared a video of the special moment.

“Connie, we fucking did it love,” he says.

On that night alone, another $54,000 was raised for Love Your Sister.

About a week ago, the Gold Logie-winner seemed to hint Love Your Sister had reached the 10 million goal. He posted the cryptic message on Facebook: “Sorry for my silence. Gotta get it through my head first.” He shared the post after revealing Love Your Sister was “sitting just shy of $9.9M.”

Supporters who have long followed Love Your Sister online immediately swamped the post with messages of love, support, and congratulations.

Image: Facebook / Love Your Sister