Samuel Johnson Blasted All Charity Muggers As “Slugs,” “Dogs,” And “Sharks”

Gold Logie-winning actor and founder of the wildly successful Love Your Sister charity Samuel Johnson has put all charity muggers on blast this morning, labelling them all nothing but “slugs,” “dogs,” and “sharks.”

Johnson appeared on The Today Show this morning in a segment investigating the destination of dollars given to charity via the street-side pests that populate many inner-city streets and malls.

The show claims that, due to the fact that the majority of Australians who sign up for monthly charitable payments via street-level operators cancel their commitments within the first 8 months, none of the money sent to the charity actually winds up being used for good due to the first twelve months’ of payments being used to cover third-party commissions instead.

Johnson, not mixing any of his words, went to town on the practice, asserting that “Chuggers are slugs, they’re dogs. I’ve really got not time for them, to be honest. Snakes. Sharks.”

They’re not doing anything illegal. But if you’re not prudent about how you give, if you don’t know about the organisation that you’re giving to, then I’d be pretty cynical about how much is ending up at the cause.”

Johnson, through Love Your Sister, helped raised millions of dollars for cancer research and support alongside his sister Connie, who passed away in September 2017 after a battle with the disease.

Far be it it for any of us to tell you how to give to charity, but signing over dollars to an extroverted 20-year-old reciting a script is always gonna be a roll of the dice.

Research, folks. It’s the name of the game.