Sam Neill Giving His Duck A Pep Talk Is Like A Warm Blanket For Your Soul

Here is a list of people I believe to be living perfect lives: Martin Clunes, Zach Galifianakis, and Sam Neill. I believe this about them for one reason: All of them have become filthy rich from movies and television, and then used that money to buy and operate a farm. Clunes has a working farm where he raises and sells sheep and cultivates the land using heavy horses, Neill operates a winery, and Galifianakis has a 60-acre property in North Carolina on which he films Kanye West video clips.

[jwplayer m8QahBvd]

Sam Neill’s delightfully bucolic life is painstakingly documented on his Twitter account, which largely features updates from his adventures in the winemaking process, the occasional reference to a movie that he’s been in, and little moments with the animals on the farm. Animals like his duck, Charlie Pickering (no relation):

I don’t really know what the emotional capacity of a duck is, but their relationship seems to at least be a mutually beneficial one:

This is a relationship that not only involves cuddles that do not at all fit into my understanding of the aggression levels of ducks, but also loving pet talks:

Ever wanted to be held in Sam Neill’s strong arms and told that you are beautiful? Ha ha me either. That would be pretty weird. I definitely don’t want that at all.

At all.