The adventures of Sam Neill and his pet duck Charlie Pickering are far too pure for this world. If you aren’t familiar with the actor’s Twitter account, @TwoPaddocks, Neill uses it to document life on his farm. There’s also the occasional promotion for his latest project or his wine label – Two Paddocks – but a lot of the time, it’s updates on the farm and the many animals that call it home.

If you’re having a particularly terrible Sunday night or wish to ease the blow of the approaching Monday morning, Sam Neill and Charlie Pickering are here for you.

Exhibit A: here’s Neill living his best life, telling Charlie how much of a pretty duck she is.

“You are, and don’t let anybody else tell you anything different,” he says.

How’s the serenity?

During a morning paddle on Saturday, the duck suddenly found herself in a spot of trouble when a layer of ice came between her and Neill. According to the actor, Charlie has shown a preference for the water and ground so it was an extraordinary sight when she suddenly took to the air.

“Nobody knew you could fly!” Neill exclaims in a video. “You haven’t flown for years!” 

That little wholesome “good girl” at the end has warmed my heart.

Earlier today, the very proud dad shared another sweet video with Charlie.

“Charlie hasn’t flown for years, as far as I can tell. But two flights in one weekend, I couldn’t be more proud,” he says.

Naturally, such wholesome content has racked up over 25,000 likes – a standard reaction to the Good Charlie Content.

In conclusion:

Sam Neill Is Such A Proud Dad After His Duck Flew For The 1st Time In Years

(Neill’s on Instagram, too.)

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My duck Charlie so happy to see me . Likewise

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Image: Twitter / @TwoPaddocks