Shut The Fuck Up & Listen To Sam Lim, Former Dolphin Trainer, Talk Passionately About Dolphins

sam lim

We’ve been talking about politics and politicians for weeks thanks to the election, but we can’t stop now, we need to talk about Labor MP Sam Lim.

Labor’s Sam Lim is the recent winner of the seat of Tangney in Perth.

Not only is he a well-accomplished politician but he’s also a former police officer, businessman and dolphin trainer. Yes, you read that right, the man used to train dolphins.

I can already feel my heart growing three sizes like the Grinch. This is the best thing I’ve heard all week.

What’s even better, however, is the way Lim talks about dolphins. It’ll warm your frosty heart right up.

“My best job ever? Dolphin trainer,” said Lim during a press conference.

“I loved it because dolphins are so genuine. Dolphins never hurt you.”

Sorry but I’m fucking WEEPING.

“If you feel hurt and jump into the swimming pool, the dolphin will come to you and try to comfort you.

“When you’re angry and jump into the pool, they run away, they can just feel you.”

Unfortunately, Lim’s story about his dolphin training past doesn’t have the happiest ending. The safari park he worked at had to release the dolphins once they were closed down.

As you can imagine, Lim was heartbroken.

“We had to send all the dolphins back to the ocean and that was the worst part of my career at the time because we had to say goodbye to them. And yet, we felt very happy that they were back to their home.”

Make this man the next Prime Minister honestly. He seems so genuine and caring.

Oh, and he also apparently speaks 10 different languages. There is nothing Sam Lim cannot do.

If you’d like to watch the full clip of Lim talking about his past with dolphins, you can do so right here.

I mean, what else will you be watching before bed tonight? Surely not the lacklustre Bachelor reveal that just went down.

This whole clip has filled me with warm fuzzies. Nothing is more wholesome than the gay shark (AKA the dolphin). If someone was to talk about me the way Lim talks about them, I’d probably melt.