Sam Dastyari Is Copping It For This “Snobby” Vid On Sydney Housing Prices

Labor senator Sam Dastyari is up to his hijinks once again, this time with a Facebook video that cheerfully points out the futility of attempting home ownership in Sydney
He manages that by riding around in the big red Labor party bus to three homes currently on the market for a million dollars.
What does a million dollars in Sydney actually buy you?” he shouts at the camera, and the answer is…
A “classic house” in Ryde, complete with security shutters, that happens to be located on one of the busiest roads in Sydney.
A small block of land an hour and 20 minutes from the CBD in Toongabbie, situated across the road from a power station and a train line.
And a charming home in Northmead that’s described as having a “functional kitchen”.
As Dastyari says:
“For a fucking million dollars, you’d like to think the kitchen can work.”
As a jaded millennial who will likely never own property, I think this video is good and funny, if slightly depressing. But apparently some people have got their backs up over it, because Dastyari is being…
…a snob?

According to The Project, the owners of the classic, security-shuttered house in Ryde took “great offence” to Dastyari’s comments, saying:
“You can’t go doing things like that. How would he like it if they went there outside his house?”
Angus Taylor, the Assistant Cities Minister, agreed:
“Mocking someone’s house is just not on, when they’ve worked as hard as they do to buy a house. He has a crack at shutters, kitchens, houses, and doesn’t offer a single solution.”
My friends, no-one is having a go at you for your (admittedly extremely ugly) house. Dastyari is simply, and quite rightly, pointing out that it is only in this hostile upside-down land we have found ourselves to inhabit that these unlovely and inconvenient dwellings could possibly be worth a million smackeroos. 
Old people: no longer content with muscling everyone else out of the property market unless everyone’s telling them how nice their bloody kitchen is while they’re doing it.

Source: The Project.
Image: Facebook / Sam Dastyari.