Yesterday, Sunrise absolutely topped itself by assembling an all-white panel to discuss whether we should do another Stolen Generations.

It was an entirely uncritical response to a Daily Telegraph piece, ‘Let white families adopt Aboriginal children‘, using quotes from Assistant Minister for Children and Families David Gillespie.

Sunrise assembled commentators Prue MacSween and Ben Davies to discuss with host Samantha Armytage – none of whom are Indigenous, and none of whom have any expertise in Aboriginal affairs – this deeply nuanced, complex and sensitive issue. They gave it two-and-a-half minutes, and MacSween advocated for the Stolen Generations.

MacSween called repeating this deeply traumatising, state-sanctioned abuse a “no brainer”. Davis railed against “politically correct nonsense”.

The segment was widely, widely condemned for not just being blatantly racist, but also being factually wrong. As Indigenous writer Amy McQuire wrote for IndigenousX yesterday, “Aboriginal children are being taken away at exponential rates and these rates have grown every year since Kevin Rudd gave his apology to the Stolen Generations and promised it would ‘never happen again’.”

After a full 24 hours of coverage on Sunrise‘s white saviour complex, Armytage took to Twitter not to apologise, but to tell people to “watch the video before commenting”.

Sam, mate, we all watched it. It’s still bad.

Here’s the video, by the way, if you want to see exactly what was said and who agreed with what (spoiler: it’s another Stolen Generation).

The video was a low point in the already dire world of (white) breakfast television. To quote McQuire again, “these are complex situations that do not deserve the two-minute sermonising from white people who have no understanding and no real interest in Aboriginal children.”

To say Armytage’s defence isn’t going down too well is an understatement.

Even the author of the Fairfax piece Armytage referenced, Broede Carmody, weighed in.

Channel 7 has yet to comment on the situation. Meanwhile, go read Amy McQuire’s piece on the situation and just how very, very wrong Sunrise got it over here.

Image: Sunrise