Sally Inglis, the estranged wife of former South Sydney Rabbitohs star Greg Inglis, has taken to Instagram to share some of the racist abuse she received after posting a photo of her five-year-old son on his birthday.

“I considered not posting this but my babies deserve better,” she said earlier this week, alongside a screengrab of one of the comments she received on the photo. “They are proud of who they are and have every right to be.”

She has since reported the comments to police, and was advised to set her page to private as precaution, but said that she didn’t want to do that, as she and Greg both felt that it would be giving in to the trolls who target their family.

Speaking with Fairfax, Sally Inglis said:

“Greg and I made the decision many years ago that ignoring racism is accepting it. So I posted something. We want our kids to know that we took a stand for them and that it’s important to stand up to racism.”

She is receiving assistance from the NRL and the Rabbitohs in the wake of the comments left on her Instagram.

Greg and Sally Inglis married in 2010 and have two children, daughter Quinn and son Nate. Following their split, Greg checked himself into a rehabilitation facility, and she told Fairfax that he seemed “lost” for a time and she’s “really happy that he is getting help.”