We do not mean to cause you any alarm, but a restored house of a woman who was accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials in 1692, has gone up for sale just outside Boston.

So if you’ve ever dreamed of living in a most-definitely-haunted house that was once home to a family of refugees from the infamous witch hunt then you’re going to be scrambling for your cursed monkey paw.

As reported by AP, the home of Sarah Clayes hit the market late last week with an asking price of about $1.3million and look if we all pool together our money I reckon we could put a good payment down on this big white homestead which very-likely has a terrifying basement full of haunted things.

Go ahead and tell me that this place isn’t haunted to high heavens. (Image: AAP/Steven Senne.)

The house stands on the land that Sarah Clayes established with her husband Peter, along with their extended family, once Sarah had been freed from jail in 1693 after the literal witch hunt of Salem calmed down.

Known as the Peter and Sarah Clayes House, the building has been under deep restoration for the last few years, and the abandoned white mansion has become a tourist spot for folks who wanna experience a piece of the Salem witch trials history.

The house is located about 50kms southwest of Salem, and the group of Salem refugees that set up life around the Clayes House are credited as being the beginning of the township of Framingham.

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Haunted. So so haunted.

The Clayes House has been slowly taken over by nature and become derelict after a foreclosure in 2000 left the home abandoned.

This boot-scraper? Absolutely haunted, my dude. (Image: AAP/Steven Senne.)

Since then, a trust was established in the Framingham community and teams have been routinely visiting the house to “mothball” the place, preserving the building and its important part in Salem history.

This chimney thing? Haunted out the wazoo. (Image: AAP/Steven Senne.)

So if you play your cards right, and you’ve got a spare million to drop on a huge-ass renovated witch house just outside Salem, you could live here in this place that I am utterly convinced is full of ghosts and their familiars.

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Source: AP
Image: AAP / Steven Senne