South Australia: land of wine, churches, googly eyes on public monuments, and now a woman who allegedly paid a vulnerable person to get her COVID vaccine for her.

The tale is basically a morally reprehensible anti-vaxxer take on Ocean’s Eleven. 

SA Police allege the 52-year-old South Australian woman paid a vulnerable person to get the COVID-19 vaccination under her name.

SA Police said the woman also accompanied the vulnerable person to the vaccination clinic and, while there, allegedly pretended to be the person’s carer.

That is so many levels of morally wrong and deeply fucked up. George Clooney’s Danny Ocean-esque criminal mastermind, this woman is clearly not.

SA Police also accused the woman of deceiving SA Health and honestly, have they not been through enough at this point?

It’s perhaps even wilder than the guy who brought a fake arm into his vaccine appointment. According to SA Police, the woman needed to prove evidence of the vaccine for her job.

She’s now been charged with deception and dishonest dealing with documents (say that four times quickly) and will face court at the end of March.

South Australia’s Premier Steven Marshall had some ~words~ on the subject.

“This is unconscionable behaviour, if correct,” he said, as per

“This [sounds like] completely unacceptable behaviour but let’s see what happens in the court proceedings.”

Turns out, you shouldn’t be paying people to get the vaccine for you! You should just get the free, safe and effective vaccine.

At the moment, South Australia’s dealing with its highest rates of COVID-19 since the pandemic began, with more than 105,000 active cases.

However, the state reported 1,953 new cases today, which is 400 fewer than yesterday.

Marshall also said the case numbers for today were “significantly below” the seven day average: good news for Adelaidians looking to stick googly eyes to more stuff.