The daily grind, folks. The ole’ 9-to-5. The bloody rat race. Even for a pilot it can be an absolute drag some days. Just ask one young bloke in South Australia who was saddled with a three-hour test flight yesterday and managed to make the best of it by doing a little flight path artistry that perfectly displayed exactly how little his enthusiasm levels were.

Flight Training Adelaide sent an unidentified pilot off on a three-hour loop yesterday morning at around 8:53am from Parafield Airport in Adelaide’s outer north. Though the purpose of the flight is unclear, it’s believed the pilot was “running in” a new engine. Kinda like how you wear in new shoes or whatever.

What is clearer however is that the pilot was so bored out of his or her mind that they took small detours from the standard flight path to both a) draw a pair of tiny dick & balls in the sky, and b) spell out the phrase “I’M BORED” over several kilometres.

The plane apparently flew in the unusual pattern, meaning the air graffiti showed up on Flight Trackers for keen aviating eyes to spot and guffaw at.

Absolutely no doubt about that right there. One dick and balls, followed by a second, slightly larger dick and balls, and the a big ole’ I’M BORED on the way back home. Fairly unmistakable, really.

It’s definitely not uncommon for pilots to pull off stunts like this, and it’s certainly not illegal either; as long as they’re following all the required regulations and stick to their lodged flight track, they can pretty much make the path look however they want.

But not one, but TWO dick & balls followed up by a several-kilometre-long blasé doodle? That’s operating on another tier entirely.

Source: ABC News