Aside from Frogger nerds and sharks, no one covets movement like Ryan McGinely. His subjects, which include frolicking nudes and aerial Winter Olympians, are so-often breathed to life by the coil and spring of kinetic movement. You know, bright young things leaping, stretching and rolling. Falling to the ground, getting up, then collapsing into each other. It’s the natural beauty of human mechanics and it’s as entertaining to watch as we’re sure it was to make.

McGinley’s latest collaboration, a video look book for Opening Ceremony and Levi’s, is the next logical step in his worship of movement. Like a sunnier Daniel Askill it’s all slow motion hops, swinging ropes, twisting torsos, extending limbs and bodies (literally) falling out of frame. Set the aerial gymnastics to Pictureplane’s thudding “Goth Star” and you’ll almost believe that levitation is real.

Via The Fader