A screenshot from Facebook currently doing the rounds on Twitter tells the story of a man who lost his cat and then accidentally ended up with both his cat and a clone. It’s perfect, and I’m obsessed.

The original post is from Russian man Stanislav Zak, made in a Facebook group for cat lovers called Purrtacular.

“Last month my cat disappeared,” Stanislav wrote.

“A week ago I found him and brought him home. Today my cat came back. Now I have two identical cats.”

The cats are identical, even for cats, which have a habit of all looking the same. (Don’t come for me, cat people – you know it’s true. I had a domestic short hair as a kid and even though I thought he was the best cat ever and unique in his own special way, I’ve met about 30 other bloody cats exactly like him.)

Stanislav’s post in the Purrtacular Facebook group (member count: 187,000) has more than 6,000 reactions and several hundred comments. More importantly, some community-minded person took a screenshot to share with the outside world and thank god for that, because this post is the only thing bringing me joy right now.

I have so many questions about this story: has Stanislav figured out which one is his? Where did the other cat come from? Are they long-lost sisters, about to perform some Parent Trap-style hijinks and hook Stanislav up with the other cat’s owner?

Unfortunately, all of these questions will right now need to remain unanswered. I’ve DM’d Stanislav on Facebook and he hasn’t gotten back to me yet. To be fair, there’s a few other things going on at the moment – a global pandemic and what have you. For all we know, the original Facebook post is old or fake or both old and fake, making me a huge dumbass for getting so excited about it in the first place.

But whatever. It rules. And I’m obsessed.

Image: Facebook