Russia & Ukraine Are Biffing On Twitter And Simpsons Memes Are Involved

Ever played a game of Cards Against Humanity back in the day and someone answered the “I do not know what weapons World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with…” card with “Memes,” and everyone had a good laugh about it?
Somehow the on-going geopolitical conflict between Russia and the Ukraine has now officially spilled over onto Twitter, of all places, with the official accounts of both nations sparring overnight in a series of tweets that was less “playful banter” and more “head-scratchingly ridiculous.”
The whole thing began when Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, referred to historic Kievan Rus monarch Queen Anne as “Russian Anne.”
To understand why this ruffles some feathers, a quick history lesson:
Queen Anne was born in 1036 in the Kievan Rus region, in an area which at the time was federated territory that is now modern-day Kiev. The surrounding and greater Kievan Rus land area is now mostly split between the Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Ukrainians, being quite the prideful type particularly when it comes to border disputes.
The @Ukraine Twitter account returned serve with a little history meme-action, as such:

This, in reference to the fact that the first documented mention of activity in the area now known as Moscow wasn’t until 1147.

Get it? Jokes. It’s a joke.
In response, not one but two official Russian accounts – both @Russia itself, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-controlled @mfa_russia – returned serve.
Firstly, by referencing the historic Russian city of Veliky Novgorod

…and secondly by referring to Kiev as the capital of historic Kievan Rus, which infers the modern Ukraine and modern Russia (and modern Belarus) have a shared history.

The Ukraine was having precisely none of that, and fought meme-fire with meme-fire.

How about a little dropping of the “complex history of the Eastern Bloc region” hammer on everyone?

And to finish it off, some honest-to-goodness Simpsons Shitposting, would you even believe.

Two countries. Biffing on Twitter. With ‘Simpsons‘ references.

They say there’s no surprises left in the world, and yet here we are.

Source: ABC News.