The death of French police dog Diesel during this week’s terror raids in Paris shook up some strong emotions worldwide. Still, the pup’s death is also a very practical loss to the police, who undoubtedly invested a whole lot of time and effort into making Diesel such a capable asset. 

Taking that loss into account, the ever-pragmatic Russians have gone and offered a donation of one of their own working German Shepherds to the French, as a display of solidarity against violent extremism.

According to Russian minister Vladimir Kolokoltsez, the dog’s name is Dobrynya – a moniker that personifies “strength, kindness, bravery and selflessness”.

Diesel was described as being “indispensable” in the raids, and according to police chief Jean-Michel Fauverguehe, he probably “saved the lives of policemen who were about to enter”. Diesel’s death also spurred the #JeSuisChien hashtag on Twitter, with dog-lovers worldwide rallying against senseless extremist violence. 

With any luck, Dobrynya won’t ever need to take part in a raid like that anyway.

Story via ABC. 
Image via Twitter.