RUSSH Magazine Bought Out

RUSSH – one of the more beautiful and clever fashion magazines available on the rack – is about to get an influx of cash to make it even more beautiful and clever. Since 2004 it has been an independently financed publication until this week when Switzer Media + Publishing proffered bags of gold* in exchange for providing RUSSH with a safe new publishing home house.

Despite what you may be thinking, this doesn’t mean RUSSH will become a new vehicle for promoting Big Brother alum Krystal’s thespian endeavors and pimping George Foreman grills (even though they are totally rad). Basically it means more cash for the mag and the talented ladies behind it, so it can expand the readership and get more peeps inspired by their glossy, creative love-child.

Switzer Media + Publishing director Marty Switzer said there are “huge opportunities for the magazine in the online space and growing international expansion is a something we would like to do”.

Sounds like a plan.

*Bags of gold yet to be confirmed as mode of payment.

Via AdNews