Russell Crowe Claps Back At Ppl Criticising His Plan To House Manus Refugees

A few days ago, Russell Crowe found himself in the news for expressing his completely understandable and sensible outrage at the unfolding situation on Manus Island, where hundreds of refugees have been abandoned by the Australian government.

Rusty was so incensed by the treatment of the men on Manus that he tweeted the following:

Yep, your mate and mine Russell Crowe seems very seriously to be suggesting that he and other Australians open their homes and their lives to the people our government have treated so heartlessly. It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye – and it is, frankly, a bloody good idea.

Of course, there’s nothing spittle-flecked right-wing pillocks like less than a good idea on how to treat our fellow human beings with a shred of decency, so Our Rusty has been copping a fair bit of flack for his comments.

Most of the pushback appears to be in variations on the theme of “BUT WHAT ABOUT US” – for example:

But never fear: Crowe has some choice words for the naysayers, and he’s not holding back.

Regardless of the fact that Australia absolutely does have a massive homeless population who are direly in need of support, you just can’t argue with what Russ is saying: unfortunately, our country is capable of acting disgracefully on (at least) two fronts.

The rest of the world absolutely thinks we are assholes, thanks to our appalling treatment of the people who are most in need of our help. I’m with Rusty on this one. Plenty of people have a spare room. Just bring them here.