With regards to media and Government process, the days following Monday’s shocking events at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place are crucial.

How the Government reacts in any meaningful legislative way represents the major step in their response, and how (or indeed if) the magnifying glass is turned on Australian media and how ethically they covered the siege remains to be seen.

Either way, we’ve now got ourselves a nine minute sermon from comedian-cum-social activist Russell Brand, and his web series Trews (that’s “True News,” geddit?).

Regardless of if you like the guy or not – and this particular writer rates the things he says about as interesting as a sack full of damp socks – he’s fairly on the mark with a few remarks; his views on how the lone gunman is portrayed in the media, for example, are pretty on point.

For all his hot air and braggadocios posturing, even his aim is good enough to smack the occasional nail.

Consider this one hammered.