NSW RSPCA Find Several Greyhounds In Shallow Mass Grave In Western Sydney

Inspectors from the NSW RSPCA have removed over 20 racing greyhounds from a Western Sydney property this week after a shallow grave containing the bodies of nine dogs was found on the premises.

Inspectors made the grim discovery on Tuesday at a property owned and operated by a licensed and registered trainer, and immediately seized 12 severely malnourished and neglected animals, as well as the bodies of the deceased.

The discovery on the Marsden Park property was made two years to the week that former NSW Premier Mike Baird overturned the greyhound racing ban.

Upon discovery of the shallow grave, veterinary forensic inspectors took evidence samples from the scene and conducted post-mortem examinations on the deceased animals – which were in varying states of decomposition. All the dogs seized by the RSPCA are aged between four and eight years old.

The surviving greyhounds have been surrendered to the RSPCA for care, and the trainer is being investigated for alleged serious animal cruelty offences.

Speaking with Nine News, NSW RSPCA chief inspector Andrew Clachers confirmed that the dogs that were found alive were showing signs of affection toward the handlers, despite being deeply emaciated and suffering from effects of serious mouth decay, needing immediate, complicated surgery. The surviving dogs will be rehomed to forever homes once they’re at full health.

Clachers also confirmed that cases of extreme animal cruelty like this one carry sentences of up to two years in jail and a $22,000 personal fine for the trainer. He also confirmed that the RSPCA is now working closely with the newly-founded Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission in regards to this case.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to NSW Police regarding the matter. We’ll update this story as more information comes to hand.