Royalty Has Landed: Prince Harry Tours Sydney’s Fleet Review, Evades Mischief

Keep Calm and Pretend You Care About The Monarchy, folks, everyone’s favourite flavour of royal mischief and hedonism has landed in Sydney for the historic Fleet Review. Boats! Princes! Spring! Hooray!

Fun uncle, tabloid-tripping and fourth in line to the throne flew in to Sydney early this morning.  Prince Harry was quickly whisked to play IRL battleships, boarding the HMAS Leeuwin with Tony Abbott, defence minister David Johnston and a slew of eagle eyed onlookers, wooing and hoping to grab themselves a piece ‘o that. 
Among his royal duties as officially representing the Queen, Prince Harry will also be meeting with select young Australians noted for helping others at Kirribili House this afternoon and will then be getting up to his usual antics later on:
Prince Harry’s visit to Sydney is appropriately (though somewhat rudely) fleeting; he will be flying out of Australia on Sunday. At lest Prince Harry will be staying for tonight’s Fleet Review light show and fireworks, which are touted as being the biggest since the Sydney Olympics, will last 30 minutes and will somehow ‘take us on a journey’ through the Navy’s last 100 years.  
And here’s the cheeky redhead doing what he does best, being awkward in uniform:

Photos by Ryan Pierse via Getty.