Sydney Has Its Own Poo Jogger & They Apparently Keep Shitting Outside Roxy Jacenko’s Office

The poo jogger, mark II.

I’m not afraid to say it: I have jogged before. I have used my legs to move my body at a pace firmly between a power walk and a run. I have, however, never Jogged before. I have never been a capital-j Jogger. The world of the Jogger is alien to me. They wear special Jogging clothes, they buy expensive Jogging shoes, they track complicated Jogging metrics, and they, apparently, cannot fucking use a toilet to save their lives.

[jwplayer eyNJ3qWE]

All of us were entranced by Brisbane’s poo jogger, a man who took one too many shits in the streets of Greenslopes before being caught by another man lying in wait with a camera. The poo jogger, identified later as Aveo national quality manager Angus Macintosh, was alleged to have done a mid-jog shit in the area at least 30 times before he was finally caught. What drove him to this behaviour is anyone’s guess. Whatever it is, it might be a similar motive to whatever is making someone (allegedly) repeatedly take a big shit out the front of Sydney PR figure Roxy Jacenko’s office.

Jacenko posted two videos to Instagram of someone in athleticwear taking what is unambiguously a dump in the wee hours of the morning — one from last week and one from today:

There’s a very real chance that the irrepressible urge to shit is a health issue that this person experiences, but it seems like — if this is a problem that you face frequently — you would try and engineer circumstances such that you are not shitting in public in front of the same person’s house constantly. Just my two cents.

Jacenko is asking people who recognise the person in the video to contact her, but if that is the case, you could maybe also just tell them to stop taking a shit in public all the time.