Rove McManus To Replace Dan & Maz As 2DayFM’s Breakfast Host

Rove McManus is about to be saying hi to all of your Mums for you each and every morning.

The veteran comedian, host, and entertainer has been revealed to be 2DayFM‘s grand plan to help them grab a bigger slice of the Sydney breakfast radio pie.
The station today announced that McManus has been signed to a three year contract that will see him take over as the host of the much coveted 6-9am slot on the Hit Network, replacing incumbent hosts Dan & Maz whose ratings have been on the slide ever since taking over as the breakfast team nine months ago.
Dan & Maz will remain on 2DayFM, taking over as the weekend breakfast team.
In a statement, Southern Cross Austereo executive director of Metro operations Gary Dobson reiterated the station’s excitement.
“Sydney needs a big show, with a big name and it doesn’t get much bigger than

ROVE. We’ve got a superb plan in place to make sure the new show is everything you’d

expect from one of Australia’s greatest entertainers. But…why would we tell you

everything now? We’re holding

all will be revealed very soon!”

Meanwhile Rove himself contributed to the fanfare.

“Sydney has been my Aussie home for a number of years now and I very happy to be

making it a more permanent arrangement, even if it will mean waking at 4am.

The immediacy of radio has the same electricity of live television – anything can

happen and the best shows are the ones that go off script but unlike TV you can eat

while you work and who doesn’t want to work with the smell of fresh toast.”

2Day hopes McManus’ move to Sydney’s lucrative and highly competitive breakfast radio circuit will aid them in gaining a better ratings foothold, after suffering low stagnant ratings for the better part of the year that began sliding ever-so-slightly in recent months.

It will also put McManus in head-to-head competition with Kyle Sandilands, reigniting a long-simmering feud that at one point saw Sandilands lob the clearly-he-stayed-up-all-night-thinking-this-one-up zinger, “shit cable host” at Rove.
Rove will be paired on the program with an as-yet unnamed co-host.
Photo: Supplied.