“We Got You”: Harvey Weinstein Accuser Rose McGowan Reacts To His Arrest

Rose McGowan, one of the first people to publicly come forward with allegations of sexual assault against disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, has reacted to news of his arrest, taking to Twitter after the news broke to say “we got you.”


Speaking with Good Morning America on Friday morning, the actress and author said that she was surprised that the law has caught up with Weinstein, telling the program:

“I feel shocked … It’s just so big. I have to admit I didn’t think I would see the day that he would have handcuffs on him. Of course it’s been orchestrated so it’s on a Friday of a holiday weekend so it’s slow media, right? So they did something nice for him, that means he has friends in high-up places still, but I have a visceral need for him to have handcuffs on.”

When asked if she is planning to attend court and see Weinstein, Rose McGowan said:

“His face has terrorised me for so long … There is another survivor of his … we are talking about going, and if she wants to go, I will go with her. The first time I was him after he attacked me was on a red carpet, and I threw up in a trash can. I hope [on Friday morning] that’s him, and he’ll be the one nauseous and throwing up an not me for once.”

The question of fatigue around the #MeToo movement and the constant stories of new abusers also came up, and on that topic, McGowan said:

“Imagine how tired we are, and by we I mean most of the world that has been assaulted or attacked.” 

Harvey Weinstein turned himself in to authorities in New York yesterday, and was led into a courtroom in handcuffs, where he was officially charged with rape in relation to two women. His bail was set at$US 10 million and he will be required to wear an electronic monitor and limit his movements to New York and Connecticut.