Robert Irwin Pops Into Sunny Coast Fruit & Veg Shop To Rescue V. Lost Echidna

Hypothetically, if you scaled up an echidna to the size of a human being, it would be fucking terrifying; a stout, muscular beast, covered in huge spines and with an improbably long, shockingly dextrous tongue. Luckily, in reality, they are very small and just as cute as a goddamn button. Depending on where you live, it’s likely not particularly often that you come across them in the wild. Regardless of where you live, it’s not particularly often that you see them pop up in a fruit and veg shop.

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For Alan Fenwick at Fenwick’s Fruit Emporium in Buderim, this unlikely event became very much a reality on Friday, when he noticed an echidna hiding out underneath one of his fridges. As you might imagine from just looking at an echidna, they very much are not amenable to being picked up when they don’t want to — so Alan called the local experts. Obviously, those local experts are Australia Zoo. As Fenwick told the ABC: “As a bit of a joke, we said imagine if Robert or Bindi came up.

Well fucken how about that:

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Source: Fenwick’s Fruit Emporium.

Fenwick told the ABC that even with the Australia Zoo people there, the echidna appeared to be quite stuck. They waited until after dark, turned all the lights off, and waited until it moved out from underneath the fridge of its own volition to grab it.

On Facebook, Fenwick thanked the team for a “successful rescue and release” of the echidna, which is presumably now happily eating ants somewhere where people aren’t shopping for pears.