South Aussie choco-lords Robern Menz have secured the Violet Crumble brand from giants Nestlé, marking the peerless honeycomb chocolate’s return to Australian ownership after nearly 30 years.

Robern Menz, best known for pumping out FruChocs, now has the sole rights to the Violet Crumble trademark and brand. That includes the good-as-hell catchphrase “it’s the way it shatters that matters,” and the distinctive purple (duh) packaging.

Presumably, it also means the brand will be able to revive some unintentionally smutty advertisements:

Production is slated to transition from Nestlé to Robern Menz in the coming months, with all future Violet Crumbles set to roll out of the local brand’s Glynde factory. The acquisition is also predicted to bring 30 new employees to the factory to accomodate demand.

Notably, the deal does not include the rights to produce Bertie Beetle choccies, which were cobbled together from unused Violet Crumble honeycomb. What this means for the Royal Show favourite is yet to be seen.

Anyway, that’s enough about the business side of things: Adelaide Now reports the brand intends to stick to the original Violet Crumble recipe in an attempt to maintain its very specific texture. As previously discussed, the way it shatters does matter.

This whole thing only serves to bolster South Australia’s chocolate industry, which already punches above its weight: in addition to Robbern Menz, the state is also behind Haigh’s, Melba’s, and nut purveyors Charlesworth. 

So, you’ll be able to smash more chocolate while feeling patriotic. Win-win.

Source: Adelaide Now
Image: @igaeng / Instagram