Rob Lowe Is Getting Absolutely Wrecked Over ‘Insensitive’ #Paris Tweets

Acts of terrorism on the scale seen today in Paris will always open up mazes of political discussion, but commentators generally have the good sense to wait for the dust to settle before arguing over the nitty-gritty details. 

Of course, Twitter came in and totally rejigged the planet’s understandings of timeliness, clarity and subtlety and the blurred lines between them. Observe: veteran political expert/actor Rob Lowe‘s tweets on the matter.

Half-jokey, half-serious and all-confusing, the dude’s social media output has already stirred up some vitriol on the web.

Lowe’s follow-ups attempted to clarify the situation, but as of yet, Lowe still appears to be squaring blame on France’s immigration policy and President Hollande.

Inveterate shit-stirrer Doug Stanhope also managed to give Lowe a thumbs-up for the messages after his own piss-take on the issue.

So you’ve got that going for you right now, Rob.

Story via Variety.
Image: Tibrina Hobson via Getty.