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Depending on how you feel about the man, this could – literally – be the best news you’ll hear all week.

After a brief sojourn in the roastmaster general’s studios to get rinsed by D-List celebrities in his Comedy Central Roast, the man they call Rob Lowe has quickly moved on to his next gig, and you’re gonna want to pay attention meow.

The former Chris Traeger is having himself a little run-in with the Vermont State Police as an official cast member of the upcoming and highly anticipated ‘Super Troopers 2.’

The Broken Lizard gang confirmed Lowe’s involvement in an Instagram post a little earlier today.

Big news, chickenf**kers. A certain Mr. @robloweofficial has joined us in #SuperTroopers2 as Mayor Guy Le Franc.

A photo posted by Broken Lizard (@brokenlizard) on

If the caption is to be believed, it would appear that Lowe will be playing a character by the name of Mayor Guy Le Franc.

According to Deadline, the role will be that of a former hockey player-cum mayor of a small Quebec town on the Canadian/American border. If this means that Lowe gets to put on a French-Canadian accent, then we are all bloody in.

Lowe himself commented on his role in the film, which he compared to classics of the genre ‘Wayne’s World‘ and ‘Austin Powers‘ in terms of how he felt while shooting.

If this means we get a line in it half as good as “If Benjamin were an ice cream flavour, he’d be Pralines & Dick,” then it’s gonna be an instant classic.

Super Troopers 2‘ is currently filming in the Boston area.


Source: Deadline.

Photo: Broken Lizard/Instagram.