Ah, road rules. If you didn’t fuck one up while trying to nail your L’s, you’re some genius of the highest order and I humbly bow down to you.

There’s a LOT of those bad boys, and with good reason – we like to drive, and we like to stay alive. And now there’s a new one to remember – and you’d best believe you’ll want to remember it, because failing to do so and getting caught? See ya later, $448 of your hard-earned cashola.

Basically, according to SMH, if you’re passing an emergency vehicle that’s stopped with flashing red and blue lights, you must slow down to 40 km/h. You also have to give way to anyone on foot in the vicinity of an emergency vehicle with flashing lights.

There’s more – you have to stay cruising at 40 km/h until you’re “a sufficient distance past the vehicle so as not to cause a danger to any person in the vicinity of the vehicle”. The rule would only not apply if the emergency vehicle was parked on the opposite site of a road separated by a median strip.

Bernard Carlon, Executive Director of the NSW Centre For Road Safety, explained that the decision to introduce this new rule (which is undergoing a 12 month trial) was in regards to the safety of emergency workers.

We want to make sure emergency service workers protecting us on our road network don’t become casualties while doing their jobs,” he said.

Source: SMH