Rita Ora’s Post Malone Halloween Costume Is One Hell Of A Big Mood

Rita Ora, Post Malone, Halloween

Rita Ora is a true entertainment industry inspiration, having remained at the top of her game for years, despite it never being entirely clear what her game actually is: Pop singer? Actress? Clothing designer? America’s Next Top Model host?

It doesn’t really matter, because from this point on, Rita will be known for pulling off the greatest Halloween look of all time, thanks to this truly next-level Post Malone costume. Seriously, just stop for a moment and take it all in:


So far today, she has done no fewer than five Instagram posts of her dressed up as the heavily-tattooed ‘Better Now‘ singer, but frankly, when your costume is this well-executed, you can brag about it as much as you damn well please.


Popular search engine Google dot com defines ‘flawless’ (adjective) as “without any imperfections or defects; perfect.” Frankly, there should now be a picture this flawless goddamn Rita Ora Halloween look next to that definition.


She wore the look, complete with a distressed jean jacket and fake beard, to the KISS Haunted House party in London, which was also attended by Liam Payne, in some sort of sexy umpire outfit, although he hasn’t yet posted it on his Instagram.


Rita Ora’s long-awaited album Phoenix will finally be out on November 23, featuring ‘Anywhere‘, ‘Let You Love Me‘, ‘Your Song‘ and a heap of other presumable bangers,  it will hopefully finally elevate her to the level of stardom she rightfully deserves.