RIP Xbox 360: Console Laid To Rest At The Tender Age Of 10 Years Old

It’s a sad day for teenage nostalgia. Once upon a time, if someone didn’t have an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3 in their home, everyone was like:
But those days are officially, 110%, without a doubt, dead in the ground. 
Microsoft has announced that they are stopping all production of the Xbox 360, and only the consoles that currently exist in the universe will be sold. 
Which is understandable, and even a bit strange – the console celebrated its 10th birthday last November, it’s quite incredible that production was still going. 
Phile Spencer, Microsoft’s head of Xbox spoke out in a blog post announcing the end of the 360:
“Thanks to the Xbox 360, we evolved Xbox Live from the original Xbox into the thriving online gaming community it is today.

And the console became a beloved gaming and entertainment hub with over 78 billion gaming hours played, nearly 486 billion Gamerscore on 27 billion achievements and over 25 billion hours spent in apps over its lifetime.”
Let’s pour one out for our teenage homie, the Xbox 360. May he rest in peace. 
Source: Microsoft.
Photo: Koichi Kamoshida / Getty.