RIGHTO MATE: Lib Senator Contends That “Angry White Man” Is A Racial Slur

In what will be heralded as a genius move by people with extremely poor judgement, Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm is using section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act to go after someone who described him (quite accurately) as an angry white man, and dinguses at all levels of political power are coming out to show their support.
This includes Liberal senator Eric Abetz, famous for his opposition to the Safe Schools program, who was crawled out of the wood work to throw his two cents in the ring (this is a lot of metaphors) and suggest that the phrase “angry white man” is itself racial vilification.

Abetz told Sky News:
“One cannot help but think that the term ‘white’ can only refer to skin colour and therefore [you] are making reference to a skin colour [and] one assumes it must have been on the basis of race that the comment was made.”

As is the typical oeuvre of the right-winger, Abetz demonstrated an understanding of what constitutes racial discrimination equal to that of the common goat.

The law was put in place to protect minorities who have faced discrimination or persecution within the country, which doesn’t at all in any way describe the plight of white men in 2016 – but, of course, to people like Leyonhjelm and Abetz, it’s more important that they’re free to be publicly racist than it is that the Australian media might have a bit less racism in it.
These are exactly the dickhead takes you’d expect from the sort of people who have never faced actual discrimination in their entire lives.
Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Twitter / Sky News.