A conservative commentator has issued the most flimsy, hackneyed defence imaginable of yesterday’s on-air claim that she’d be tempted to run over activist, engineer, and commentator Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

Prue Macsween, who made a guest appearance on 2GB’s show with host Chris Smith, ‘joked’ to the audience that she’d be down to hit Abdel-Magied with her car.

“She says she’s been betrayed by Australia and didn’t feel safe in her own country,” MacSween said, referring to Abdel-Magied’s decision to leave the country for London following an endless torrent of threats and abuse.

“Well, actually, she might have been right there, because if I had seen her I would have been tempted to run her over, mate.”

Perhaps if the target of that statement were anyone but the self-admitted “most publicly hated Muslim in Australia, the statement would have come across with a touch more levity. 

But, seeing as it was directed at someone who is sent “videos of beheadings, slayings and rapes from people suggesting the same should happen to me,” it’s just another hate-filled statement veiled by only the merest inference of insincerity. 

The response to MacSween’s bullshit was immediate.

But MacSween’s response to the criticism is something bloody else. 

In summary: a conservative commentator, who was called out for insinuating she wanted to actually kill someone on the goddamn radio, is claiming their free speech is being infringed upon – while the target of her missive has received so many threats that she may have deemed it legitimately unsafe to exist in Australia. 

Of course, the ire hurled at Abdel-Magied largely stems from her own use of free speech: that time she dared to ask Australia to contemplate its asylum seeker policies on ANZAC Day, in a rapidly-deleted Facebook post that she actually apologised for.

FWIW, Smith also gave his own ‘apology’, saying “it was meant in a light-hearted non-literal fashion, and we’re hardly ever going to encourage people to run someone over.” Contrition personified, there.

Public discourse, how about it.

Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Yassmin Abdel-Magied / Instagram.