Bathe In This Life-Affirming Vid Of A Man Failing To Rip Up An Anti-Fascism Poster

There is a very small chance that you will find anything in political reporting that will make you feel good. Occasionally, things will be funny-ish, but this is largely an absurdist kind of gallows humour that stems from the fact that everything is just fucked beyond comprehension and repair. Every goofy story about Trump being more or less an incompetent alien comes with it the reminder that that incompetent alien is president of the United State of America. Every weird story about Kanye hanging out with the head of a right-wing diaper club comes with it the reminder that the head of right-wing diaper club gets to hang out with Kanye and you don’t. Allow me, for just one second, to give you a tiny sliver of wholesome, unadulterated joy.

That joy comes in this short video of a right-wing protester trying and categorically failing to tear up an anti-fascism poster at a May Day rally in Seattle. That’s the whole thing. He tries, egged on by the people watching, to tear the poster. He then tries to fold it in half so as to create a seam from which he can tear it. He then enlists the help of a bearded gentleman nearby. None of these work. In the end, he simply carries it away.

From his shirt, the gentleman appears to be either a member of or a fan of Patriot Prayer, a right-wing organisation headed up by controversial figure Joey Gibson, mostly known for organising rallies that lots of white nationalists show up to before later denouncing those white nationalists.

If you’re interested in reading a bit of background on these guys, here’s a long-read we conveniently already had prepared from when I went to two of their rallies in the States last year. It’s a very strange time in America.