Richard Di Natale Dropped A Burn For The Ages On Weed Critic Miranda Devine

Greens leader Richard Di Natale wants to legalise blazing up, but social media users reckon his recent burn against right-wing commentator Miranda Devine is so harsh it should be criminal.

After announcing his party’s new policy position – that cannabis should be fully legal for those over 18, and sold in a regulated manner to cut down on criminal profits – Devine took to Twitter to lambaste Di Natale’s media appearances.

Her push for the pollie to appear on her online show Miranda Live was met with this little bit of savagery from Di Natale.

The Greens’ Senator Jordon Steele-John also had a crack at Devine.

The ABC’s Wendy Harmer also called on Devine to interview former AFP Commissioner Mick Palmer, who has thrown his weight behind the proposed policy changes.

If you’re starting to feel somewhat put off by the apparent media pile-on orchestrated against Devine here, consider the fact she’s published columns genuinely praising Donald Trump’s looks, claiming Cardinal George Pell was being unfairly targeted over historical sex abuse allegations, and that “unsuitable women” were partially to blame for domestic violence. 

She’s also clearly stood against legalising marijuana since at least 2008, arguing that not enough focus has been put on its potential negative impact on mental health.

Meanwhile, folks who just froth on watching demonstrably mad media figures get shut down have had a grand old time.

The drama comes after Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt called on the Greens to rescind their policy position, saying “the risk of graduating to ice or to heroin from extended marijuana use is real and documented.”

Expect this one to be debated on forums far more consequential than Twitter in the weeks and months to come.