Holy shit, Revs seshes are officially back baby as Revolver Upstairs returns to all night trading on Fridays and Saturdays. No more sleep, no more eating, just living and breathing the sesh.

This is the first time Revs has been open with some kind of normalcy since before the first lockdown. After hospitality began to reopen, the nightclub opened its doors for COVID safe sessions called Revolver Downstairs (which is just a fancy way of saying Revs smokers).  BUT now this is the first time that the actual upstairs part is open until the sun comes up (just like the good ol’ days).

Colonel Tan’s, the Thai Restaurant that becomes Revolver Upstairs after 11pm, will still be open for its usual trading hours.

Revs is a staple of Melburnian culture. The gem of the south, if you will. The nightclub has literally been open for yonks. It’s like a family heirloom that gets passed down through generations: my Dad went there, then I went there and one day I hope my own offspring will walk up that famous Revs staircase.

Melburnians missed Revs so much that a lockdown-era Facebook group called ‘A Group Where We All Pretend To Be At Revs’ amassed over 10k plus members.

Allegedly Matt Preston at Revs

So why is the extended trading hours so important? Well Sydney-residents might be shocked, but nothing is ever good until after midnight on a night out. These last few weeks in Melbourne have been fun, but the vibes at 8pm versus 1am are just vastly different.

Not only that but sitting down and being unable to mingle is also just not as fun. I want to talk to a random in the Revs smokers for five hours and lose all my friends. It’s just part of the fun.

I actually met one of my best friends at Revs. We met in the smokers and hit it off so well, that I ended up crashing at hers and the rest is history.

Revs is open from 11pm tonight! No booking necessary, but it will be first-come-first-served.