REST EASY: Melbourne’s Brazen Underwear Thief Has Been Caught

VIC Police have confirmed that the hunt for a serial underwear thief, who has allegedly been operating in and around Richmond since Boxing Day, is over.
A 35-year-old man from Lalor has been arrested for the string of incidents that – in all seriousness – represent a gross invasion of privacy, and has the effect of making women feel unsafe in their own homes.

The hunt was on for the man after he was filmed by one victim who’s had as many as 18 pairs of her underwear stolen from her balcony in the past week alone.
He’s been charged with four counts of thefts and three counts of stalking, though was released on bail until he faces court in May.
Let that be the end of this bat-shit crazy Spider Man-like behaviour.
Source: Sunrise.
Photo: VIC Police.