According to reports, the arrest of A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack has been linked to a pedophile ring membership list discovered by police in Western Australia.

9 News reports that police were investigating a suspected pedophile when they uncovered phone records and computer files which suggested the existence of a child pornography ring – and which implicates figures including schoolteachers and journalist McCormack.

That investigation began back in February, when the alleged Western Australian rapist was arrested and charged with 35 child sex offences.

McCormack was arrested in April. NSW Police allege he engaged in explicit conversations about children with an adult male and discussed child pornography. McCormack’s lawyer Sam Macedone stressed in an interview outside the court that none of the charges against his client concern the possession of actual images.

“None of the charges that have been levelled against him involves pictures or explicit details of young kids,” he said.

“It’s got nothing to do with the usual child pornography where you’ve got young children being photographed or in a video or anything like that. It’s nothing more than a discussion and that’s all there is.”

McCormack’s case is scheduled to return to court on July 4th. He has not appeared before a court to this date due to the fact he has been in hospital since shortly after his arrest.

Source: 9 News.

Photo: 9 News.