Renee From The Bachie Has Done Some Savage Edits On Instagram Photos Of ‘Fuckboy’ Ex Matt

Renee Barrett 

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Renee Barrett of Bachelor In Paradise seems to like it icy. Several months on from her breakup with ex Matt Whyatt, she has taken to Instagram to edit the captions of all their photos together, savaging him and calling him a “fuckboy”.

After the latest season of Paradise aired, Renee Barrett was a guest on the So Dramatic! podcast, where she revealed that Matt had dumped her via text message, because, based on her account of things, he was seeing somebody else.

While many delete Instagram pics of their ex, to rid themselves of any reminder, Barrett left them up, but altered the captions to reflect that she is not very happy with Whyatt. Take the below one, which now says “unfortunately this tool and I are no longer together.”

There’s truly a plethora of shady content. “If you zoom closely, and move it to the left, you’ll see my biggest mistake,” she said on a photo of them holding hands.

“What was I thinking?” she wrote on a photo of them kissing.

Then came the kicker. “Granddad didn’t like him,” she said on a photo of their families together.

Matt does not yet appear to have responded, although his Instagram is full of loved-up content featuring new girlfriend Kim: